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Assignment details

At Land Rover, Wordfair undertook a consultancy study to define the management information and business intelligence needs of the after sales parts business for Land Rover, a major vehicle manufacturer, and the feasibility of a data warehouse solution.

Land Rover was changing the logistics and distribution partner for its parts business, and needed to replace legacy systems. The company realised that valuable data on historical business performance could be lost.

Wordfair was wholly responsible for this study. Activities included interviewing business directors and managers to define and agree business requirements, analysing data in current systems, understanding the proposals for replacement systems and how disparate sources of data could be brought together into a single information repository.

Wordfair produced a design, using dimensional modelling techniques, for a set of information subject areas that optimised value to the business, along with a business case and outline system proposal. A project plan for the initial development phase was presented, along with a detailed project costing and an indication of the business benefits that could be expected.

The assignment was successfully completed to the customerís satisfaction. Client references can be provided on request.

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